Everlasting Love

World's Finest forever-lasting real roses that have been preserved and dipped in pure 24K Gold to last forever.

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Timeless Gift

Take a look at our Signature Collection for fully dipped 24K Gold real roses that last a lifetime.

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With over 65 meticulous steps and seven days of hand work by skilled artisans and technicians.

Here at Forever Moments, we hand-pick only the very best roses to create the most stunning gifts. Each rose is around 11.5 inches long and fast-frozen to maintain its romantic beauty, forever.


Our roses are picked at the peak of perfection. Timing is crucial to ensure the buds are fully unfolded, but the outer petals have not yet wrinkled or lost their color. Each rose is inspected meticulously by our quality control team to guarantee that petals, sepals, and leaves all have as few natural flaws as possible.


Our craftsmen then carefully trim the thorns and extra leaves off each rose, shape it, and use a special process to dry it out. Next, the bloom is dipped in a protein resin to strengthen the fragile joints. Finally, each rose receives a 24K Gold plating along the delicate edges and stem to add a truly exquisite quality to your loved one's special gift.

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Each Forever Moments Rose is one-of-a-kind, unique and everlasting, like your love!

Due to great demand, only a limited number of Roses are available for each release. Order early, particularly before the big holidays, so that you don’t miss out. We offer a fast, reliable and free delivery service within the US and Canada.


Our Roses are all created from fresh, real roses, unlike some of our competitors who sell fake imitations made from cheap PVC plastic with 'printed-on' veins on the petals and leaves. These impostors are easy to spot because all the petals will look the same, and there will be no minor imperfections.

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