24K Gold Dipped Roses That Last Forever

Give the gift of love that will last for an eternity. If you are seeking the perfect gift to give to someone special a 24k gold dipped rose is sure to top the list. This beautiful piece is a stunning way to convey your special message. The hand-dipped 24K rose is unique and original, with variances in design and attention to detail making it an everlasting gift.

This stunning rose is hand-picked and then carefully preserved to capture its alluring beauty. The individual bloom is lovingly crafted to ensure each rose is unique, with every individual petal is frozen to perfection. The rose— from petal to stem— is dipped in 24k liquid gold, creating a masterpiece that is guaranteed to impress and inspire its recipients for years to come.

 From the base of the rose stem to the tip of the carefully crafted leaves, this timeless creation is the perfect gift on your Wedding Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or simply as a token of appreciation to a beloved friend.

Roses signify many things— love, passion, friendship. In fact, a single rose speaks of an undying love that shall never die or wither. This beautiful, artisan piece offers a stunning visual representation of the message a rose conveys— love, beauty, and simplicity all wrapped in a 24k gold-dipped ornament that can be preserved forever.

The timeless elegance of the bloom is captured by a painstaking process that pairs the splendor of the rose with the sparkling elegance of gold. This process, known as electro-forming, creates a protective coating that retains the natural beauty of the rose as well as allows the gold coating to be layered over it. Electroplating the rose adds the final sheen of 24k gold, silver, or rose gold. 

The case also contains a gift card so you can include your own personal message. A cleaning cloth, and instruction manual detailing the proper care of the piece is also part of the package. Additionally, you will also get a certificate of authenticity.

Our 24k dipped rose may be given on any number of occasions. It is a simple, thoughtful yet elegant gift that is sure to delight your loved one. For instance, you can think of gifting gold rose as Mother’s Day gift, on birthdays, graduation days, or even on Christmas.

We specialize in providing hand-dipped roses in a variety of designs and colors. Select from 24k gold, silver, or rose gold finishes and a range of colors that will suit every taste. All of our gold roses can be seen in our Signature, Eternity, and Bloom collections. Remember, no two roses are same, making this a completely unique and personal gift.

The visually impressive piece comes in a gorgeous presentation box. Quality and elegance shine through glittering gold rose and it is sure to be a well-received gift.

  • 24K gold hand-dipped gold roses
  • Each rose slightly unique
  • Comes in a stylish presentation box
  • Created by skilled craftsmen
  • Perfect for any occasion

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