25th Anniversary

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Roses

Wedding anniversaries are about remembering your love for your husband or wife, and why you fell in love with them in the first place. They are about treasuring the good memories and promising to make new ones. A wedding anniversary can be thought of as a sort of renewal of vows, as it is a time when the happy couple expresses their joy that they are married and a desire to continue the marriage.

A 25th wedding anniversary is known as a “silver anniversary”, where silver gifts are usually exchanged. In the days of the Roman Empire, a husband would give his wife a wreath made of silver to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. Nowadays, silver jewelry is a popular gift choice for this special quarter-century celebration.

A Story from One of Our Clients

It was 10 pm in Malibu, and Sara was exhausted. She and her husband, Jordan, had traveled to Malibu to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary. They had caught two connecting flights and were both feeling jet-lagged. Unfortunately, Jordan had not been able to take the previous day off work, so they had spent most of their wedding anniversary traveling. They planned to simply have a glass of champagne in their hotel room before turning in for the night.

As Sara was popping the champagne cork, Jordan went over to his travel bag and pulled out an elegant gift box. Jordan handed the surprise present to Sara. Inside she found a beautiful 24K Rose! The silver coating sparkled in the hotel room’s light, and she knew that she had never received such an enchanting gift before.

The rose brought back all the good memories from the past twenty-five years of marriage that she had shared with her husband. Sara remembered all the bunches of flowers that Jordan had bought for her over the years. When they had lived in the country, Jordan would often pick handfuls of colorful blossoms from the field opposite their house. One memory, in particular, stood out for Sara: their engagement. She thought back to the single red rose which Jordan had given her the night he had proposed. This latest gift was perfect to commemorate that unforgettable occasion.

Delight Your Loved One with an Exquisite 24K Rose

Forever Moments will showcase both silver and red roses to commemorate 25th wedding anniversaries. A husband can choose between two exquisite options for the silver-dipped roses. Since silver is the traditional gift choice for a 25th wedding anniversary, this seems like the obvious choice. This is both a traditional gift and a gift with a fun twist, as it incorporates the traditional silver element, but in the form of a rose rather than jewelry.

Should you choose to thank your lover for the passion and love which your marriage still holds, a red rose is ideal. The color red symbolizes passion, desire, and romantic love. Red roses are found in both the Eternity Collection and the Bloom Collection. The Eternity Collection features roses in the budding stage, while the Bloom Collection features roses in full bloom.

At Forever Moments, we are committed to helping you find the perfect 24K Rose for your special lady. Our vast selection aims to help you do just that. Each rose is unique, just like your relationship and your spouse. We carefully nurture our roses in our very own rose gardens. We have a meticulous selection procedure, so only the most beautiful roses are chosen to become 24K Roses. We do everything we can to ensure that your partner receives a rose of the highest quality. And if you want even more, we have a selection of boxes, glass domes, and acrylic moon-shaped stands to go with your rose.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect 25th Silver Gift

Our sales team at Forever Moments would love for you to give them a call so that they can help make your 25th wedding anniversary ultimately memorable. We can assist you in choosing which rose will be just right for your spouse. Remember, there is nothing worse than a missed anniversary, so make sure you order your 24K Rose in advance, to avoid any shipping delays or unexpected inconveniences. Don’t miss out- order your rose today!

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