50th Anniversary

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Roses

Gold is a precious metal, just like your marriage. Gold is also strong and resistant to corrosion. This symbolizes your marriage, as it has withstood fifty years of struggles and hardships. Half a century of marriage is definitely something that should be celebrated.

Research shows that couples who celebrate their anniversaries stay married longer than couples who don’t. It is a big event that friends and family often take part in. This means you will want to get your partner something extra special, to show everyone how much they mean to you. Since you will probably have a lot of party planning to do, getting a gift in advance that you can tuck away in the back of the cupboard until the big day is nothing short of brilliant. This will also help you spread your costs for your 50th wedding anniversary over a longer time period.

A Story from Our Clients

It was four in the afternoon and Rachel had just finished setting the table for dinner that evening. She had dusted the china, polished the silverware, and set out the fancy crystal glasses that were only used for special occasions. The last time they had used them had been for Mike’s 80th birthday party four years ago.

It was Rachel and Mike’s 50th wedding anniversary today, and they were having their three children and the grandchildren over for dinner. Mike had been napping most of the day. Big social events really took their toll on him, so he had told Rachel that he would have to rest for the morning.

Rachel and Mike had decided not to exchange gifts this year, as they had been under financial strain lately.

The medical bills had been piling up, as they weren’t as young and healthy as they had been in their youth. Rachel went to wake Mike from his nap with a cup of tea. As she was setting it down, she heard the doorbell ring. She was overwhelmed with hugs and kisses, and various gifts.

 As Rachel led everyone to the dining room table, she saw Mike enter with a box. After greeting the family, he set it down before her. What was this? A bewildered Rachel opened the box. She squealed in delight. It was a golden rose. It looked like something out of a fairy tale. She could see the delicate veins beneath the gold coating, and even feel the smoothness of the rose petals. Rachel had not even been expecting a gift from Mike this year, let alone such a luxurious one. The family was very impressed with Mike’s elegant choice of gift, and they thumped him on the back approvingly.

Our Selection

For 50th wedding anniversaries, we offer beautiful gold roses, red roses, and a variety of roses in other colors. A 50th wedding anniversary is a celebration which only happens once, so we aim to provide you with a broad selection for you to pick out the perfect rose. Our full gold dipped roses are featured in the Signature Collection. Traditionally, a gold gift is given at a 50th wedding anniversary. This makes the fully dipped gold rose the obvious choice for this occasion.

However, you may prefer our red roses, along with a variety of other colors that are featured in our Eternity Collection and our Bloom Collection. Our Eternity Collection is made up of roses which as still in the budding stage, while our Bloom Collection is made up of roses which are in full bloom.

Since the color red symbolizes passion, desire, and romantic love, a red rose trimmed with gold may be the perfect option for your 50th wedding anniversary. This will let your spouse know that you are still very much in love with them, while also incorporating the traditional gold element into the gift. Should you wish to choose a unique gift for your special lady, a rose in another color may be the way to go.

Don’t Delay!

Contact our sales staff today to order your wife her very own 24K Rose for your 50th wedding anniversary. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it should not be missed. Our trained staff can help you pick out the perfect rose and accessories for your special celebration. Furthermore, you can choose the best way to display the beautiful rose, whether it is a box, a glass dome that will have your wife feeling like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or an acrylic moon-shaped stand. After all, 50 years of marriage has earned her the perfect rose! Make your 50th anniversary a moment to treasure. Make it a Forever Moment.

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