Birthday Gifts & Roses for Her

It’s fun to have a theme for the party or dinner when you’re celebrating a special milestone. For the person turning 30, you could have a Grunge Party and let them haul out their old clothes. For a 40th, an 80s Party is still very popular. A 50th should have a disco theme, naturally while a 60th is a good excuse to embrace the hippie theme.

The food at the party can match the theme. You can have a lot of fun with this because it’s surprising how much food fashion has changed over the years. For instance, in the 60s every salad was coated in jello and the dish of the day was chicken a la king.

Even your party favors can flow with the theme. You can hand out peace sign necklaces at a 60s bash or disco jewelry to represent the 80s.

A Story from One of Our Youngest 24K Rose Recipients

My sister and I are twins. Our names are Chantelle and Janelle, but our dad just calls us “Angel Princess” and “Fairy Princess”. Mom died when we were 10, so it’s just been the three of us since then.

Chantelle and I were quite nervous on the bus to school that day. It was our 16th birthday but it was also the first day at our new high school. We didn’t know anyone yet because we had moved to a new town in the holidays. Dad had changed jobs. Chantelle and I just wanted to be happy in our new school and make some friends. At least we had each other…

When we arrived at school, we had no idea where to go. All the other kids in the grade were talking happily among themselves when we walked in. We felt like outcasts and just wanted to go home!



Lessons started and things started to go a little better. The teacher introduced us, and we noticed some friendly, interested faces looking back at us.

At recess, a few of the other girls surrounded us and wanted to know where we lived and where we had come from. Just then the school secretary walked up to us holding two white boxes in her hands. She smiled: “Happy birthday, girls! Your dad dropped these off for you!” The other kids gathered around, curious to see what was in the boxes.

In mine, there was the most exquisite rose I had ever seen. It was real but had been preserved in some way. It was pink (my favorite color) with delicate silver lining the petals and on the stem. The card said, “For my Angel Princess. Happy 16th. Love Dad. P. S. There’s pizza waiting at home for all your new friends after school…” Chantelle also got a rose. Hers was a gorgeous sky-blue color with silver edging.

Our new friends admired the roses. “Your dad must be really cool,” they said.

After school, some of the kids came over to our house for pizzas and we all watched a movie together on the big screen TV. It really was the best birthday ever! We love our 24K Roses and keep them in our new bedrooms.

Our Products

Our 24K Roses are real roses, handpicked at the peak of perfection. They’re preserved with a special resin that allows their brilliant colors to shine through. They’re then edged or dipped in rose gold, gold or silver. Our roses are gifts of eternal beauty for that special girl in your life, whether it’s a daughter, a mother, a wife or girlfriend.

Pick the color according to the occasion if you like. For example, a 50th birthday is known as “the golden age” so you could select a gold-trimmed rose or even a few gold roses in a box. Women who love luxury might enjoy a purple 24K Rose. Alternatively, you can do as the twins’ dad did and pick out a rose in the person’s favorite color.

For a milestone birthday, we recommend choosing from our Eternity Collection. Select from red, blue, lighter sky-blue, pink, purple or champagne. Alternatively, choose a fully open rose from our Bloom Collection. You have a choice here of red, white, pink, blue or our very popular tricolor.

We offer free delivery in the US and Canada and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your rose, we’ll refund your money.




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