Christmas Gifts & Roses for Her

24K Roses make perfect Christmas gifts for those special women in your life. Order one for your wife, girlfriend, or mother. Or why not one each! Christmas is traditionally a time for showing your loved ones how much you appreciate them. A 24K Rose is a gift that will hold its value and be treasured for years to come.

When You Have No Words

Flowers have had significant meaning to humans for millennia. Flowers have the ability to convey fond thoughts and emotions in a way that words cannot. When your feelings are too deep for words to express, the gift of a rose says a great deal. Out of all the varieties of flowers, roses seem to hold the most significance. A red rose, in particular, is a potent symbol of everlasting love and romance.

A Better Way to Do Your Christmas Shopping

It can be difficult for men to choose gifts for women, and it’s not a task that many enjoy. The stores are busy at this time of year, and all the noise and hype can be overwhelming. Why not skip the shops altogether this year by ordering our roses online for that special lady? They’ll be delivered to your address of choice, beautifully packaged.

A Christmas Story

We love the story sent in by one of our customer’s happy relatives. Let’s call her Ashley to protect her privacy. Ashley said that the 24K Rose is the best Christmas gift she’s ever received. About five years ago she was spending Christmas at the home of her boyfriend, Ryan, with his parents and siblings. They had been dating for about three years, but this was the first Christmas they’d spent together.

His gift for her was the biggest one under the tree. It felt really heavy when she started unwrapping it. Under the red and gold paper was an enormous box. Inside it was a smaller box, and so on. Each one was gift wrapped so she never knew if it was the last. Amid much laughter from his family, she carefully unwrapped each shiny package. At last, she came to a smaller shoe box sized package.

Inside was an exquisite gift box with a single red rose inside. It was absolutely beautiful with its glowing red petals and gold-rimmed edges.

When she took it out of the box, she realized that there was a diamond ring threaded onto the stem. She looked up with tears in her eyes to find her boyfriend kneeling by her side under the Christmas tree and his whole family holding their breath. “Marry me?” he asked. Ashley could only nod.

Ashley and Ryan were married early in the new year and the rose has a special place in their new home. It’s a reminder of the best Christmas Ashley has ever had. Ryan continues the romance by buying Ashley a 24K Rose each year on their anniversary. His idea is that one day she’ll have a beautiful bouquet to display in a crystal vase.

A One of a Kind Gift That Will Last

As you can see, our roses make wonderful Christmas gifts and can even help you to pop the question. Choose from our Signature Collection of fully dipped gold, silver or rose gold roses if you really want to impress.

Alternatively, you can choose  the Eternity Collection. This is our most popular range which everybody loves. There’s a large variety of colors to choose from. For instance, you can choose from red, blue, light blue, pink, purple 24K Rose or champagne. What about red or rose gold dipped rose to get with the Christmas spirit? Perhaps a trio of gold roses in a box?

The Bloom Collection is an exceptionally beautiful range of red, white, rose red pink, blue, or tri-color flowers. The tri-color gold trimmed rose is very unusual and very beautiful.

What You Get

When you order, along with your rose you’ll get a certificate of authenticity stating that the gold is pure 24-karat. You’ll also receive a gift box, a special cleaning cloth and a greeting card for you to personalize.

You also get free shipping in the US and Canada.

Exceptional Quality

We take pride in our craftsmanship and promise you a stunning, top-quality Christmas gift for that special woman in your life. They’re crafted by artisans with years of experience in their craft. We’re so confident that you’ll be happy with your product that we offer a money-back guarantee with no hesitation. If on the off chance you’re not happy with your rose, you’re welcome to return it within 90 days of purchase.

Hurry and order your 24K Rose now to be in time for Christmas! Our friendly sales staff are always more than happy to help.

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