Proposal Gift Ideas & Roses

The day that you propose marriage to the precious lady in your life will never be forgotten, so make sure the memories are good. It’s possibly the most important question you’ll ever ask someone and it’s likely that you’ll be very nervous. It helps to be a little creative and original on this very special occasion. What about a rose gold dipped rose to make the moment memorable? Or a trio of gold roses in a box?

Tips for Making Your Proposal Memorable

  • Think about it carefully

The family and your friends on both sides are going to tell the story of how you proposed over and over again. It’s going to be told to your children one day. (No pressure!) We’re not saying that you must make a huge occasion of it or spend a lot of money if that’s not your style, but you do need to put some careful thought into it. Consider what you both enjoy. Is there a special place where you went for a first date? Do you like intimate restaurants or loud occasions? Would you like to propose over dinner or at the beach?

  • Respect the Family

Although it may seem a little old-fashioned to ask her parents for permission to marry her, it never hurts to put family first and get off on the right foot with your in-laws. Show her family that you care about their feelings by speaking to them about your plans. Likewise, when you do get engaged, inform your families first before announcing it on social media or telling your friends.

  • Choose Your Time Carefully

The most popular times to propose are Valentine’s Day or New Year. The summer months also seem to be a popular time. Alternatively, pick a time when you’re on holiday or away for a romantic weekend together.

  • Be Sensitive to What Your Significant Other Would Like

While you may think it would be cool to propose during the final of the world cup rugby match, she may not agree. You don’t want to embarrass your partner in a public place if they’re not somebody who enjoys a lot of attention.

  • Keep it Quiet

Whatever you do, don’t tell anybody you can’t trust about your plans. You don’t want your girlfriend feeling like everyone is whispering about her or that she’s the last to know.

  • What to Buy

Unless you know what ring your girl would like, it’s probably best to choose one together. Meanwhile, buy one of our exquisite 24K Roses to use when you propose. If you have a ring, may we suggest threading it onto the stem and presenting it with the rose? The rose will be an everlasting memento of the special day and will be something she can wear with love and confidence.

We have a selection of gorgeous colored roses to choose from but if you’re stuck, go with a gold trimmed red rose. Red roses are a classic symbol of romantic love. When it comes to the ring, remember that it doesn’t have to be diamonds. There are beautiful alternatives such as emeralds and rubies. Have a peek at her Pinterest boards for inspiration. Many girls put their ideas for jewelry on there. Alternatively, have a chat with her mother or best friend about styles of ring she may like.

Our Collection

We have three gorgeous collections of gold roses for you to choose from. The Signature Collection consists of roses that have been fully dipped in gold. On the other hand, our Eternity Collection and Bloom Collection are natural colored roses with gold edging. You can also choose from red, blue, light blue, pink, purple, champagne, white or multicolored roses.

These all ensure that you’ll be spoilt for choice on this special occasion and will be able to really personalize the rose to go with the ring. No two roses are the same, and this is beautifully symbolic of how there is no other woman like the one you have chosen. For instance, our purple 24K Rose speaks of opulence and luxury and would be perfect for the sophisticated woman of taste.

Pick out a quality gift for a quality girl and spoil her with a ring and a 24K Rose in the perfect color to suit her unique personality. Our team is trained to offer you guidance with your choice. Order now to start making memorable moments.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not happy with your rose when it arrives, simply send it back and receive a full refund. You’ll get a certificate of authenticity to prove that the rose is coated in genuine 24-karat gold. You will also receive a presentation box and gift card to go with it.

Proposing to spend the rest of your life with someone is both exciting and terrifying. You’ll probably feel under huge pressure to get all the details right. Make it easier for yourself by getting a 24K Rose- a precious, personalized gift that every woman is sure to love.

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