The Signature Collection

Our Signature Collection are fully dipped 24k gold dipped roses that are completely covered in gold, silver or rose gold to create a luxurious and elegant gift. These are real roses that are hand-picked then thoughtfully preserved to create a stunning and lasting impression.

Each one of these roses is unique due to natural variances in rose; petals, stems, and leaves all differ slightly making each rose slightly varying in appearance.

The process takes several weeks and our highly skilled craftsmen and designers work tirelessly to give you the perfectly immortalized rose. Metals are layered to preserve the flower at the optimum moment in time then, after multiple quality checks and inspections, it is hand-dipped into 24k liquid gold coating to create the finished piece.

Every detail of the rose is visible from petals and leaves, to the thorns. The light reflects and dances on the surface of the gold creating a warm depth of color that highlights the quality and luxury of the piece.

It is a perfect gift for anniversary or Valentine’s day celebration. Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a rose and this flower has been used for centuries as an expression of love and faith.

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