Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Gifts & Roses for Her

Valentine’s Day has popularly become known as a time to celebrate romantic love, many people take the opportunity to celebrate other forms of love, such as friendships or perhaps a mother-daughter relationship too.

The colors red, pink, and white are often used in Valentine’s Day festivities. Roses are a significant symbol of Valentine’s Day and have also been used to express deep affection for another person.

A Story from One of Our Happy Customers

It was a chilly Valentine’s day, and Emily had spent most of the day indoors reading romance novels. She had already finished one novel and was on to Romeo and Juliet. Emily’s boyfriend, Steven, seemed to have forgotten about Valentine’s Day.

This wasn’t surprising, as he tended to be rather forgetful. Emily didn’t hold this against him. Steven had recently been promoted at work, and she understood the immense pressure he'd been under lately. Emily and Steven had been dating since their time together in high school when he asked her out on a school trip to the Eifel Tower.

Emily heard a soft knock on the door, jolting her out of her daydreaming about Romeo and Juliet. Assuming it was the pizza delivery, she put her book down, grabbed her coat and skipped over to the door. As Emily opened the door, she was greeted with a familiar face. It was Steven!

He had not forgotten about Valentine’s Day, after all. He greeted Emily with a kiss and handed her the most exquisite rose she had ever seen. It was a delicate, deep red 24K Red Rose, which sparkled with gold.

She had never seen anything quite like it. It was like something out of a dream, or Beauty and the Beast. Emily felt her hidden disappointment fade away, and she welcomed Steven with a long, lingering embrace.

Recreate the Emily/Steven Experience Now!

Both red and full gold roses will be available for your next Valentine’s Day. Our roses are freshly picked from our dedicated greenhouses and dipped in 24k gold. Gold roses are our most popular product, so we have a wide variety available. And with three main categories of gold roses on offer, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Our Signature Collection, featuring fully dipped, gold roses, are the perfect gift for the romantic who can’t resist a sparkle.

Our Eternity Collection is also extremely popular, and it's bound to please.

These roses are picked in the initial stage of bud. They are gold-trimmed, revealing vibrant colors beneath the gold, and come in red, blue, sky blue, pink, purple, and champagne.

Last but certainly not least, our Bloom Collection features roses in full bloom, just like your love for that special someone. These roses are also gold-trimmed. This allows for a display of both a vibrant red color to symbolize Valentine’s Day, as well as gold, to signify the significance of the occasion. The Bloom Collection roses come in red, white, rose red, pink, blue, and tri-color.

The Significance of Color

The color red signifies passion, desire, and love, making it the perfect choice for your lover on Valentine’s Day. The color blue depicts depth and stability and is an ideal gift to celebrate a long-lasting platonic relationship or friendship.

Pink represents universal love, like your BFF, a mother, or a daughter.

Purple is traditionally the color of royalty. The shade is associated with extravagance and luxury. A purple rose will be just right for someone who needs spoiling.

Champagne is associated with celebration and joy, so it can be used for just about any occasion, whether it’s the celebration of a deep friendship or to mark a milestone with a lover.

Remember, no two Roses are the same. Each rose is as unique as the person you give it to. These highly personalized gifts display a level of commitment and thoughtfulness that a generic box of chocolates could never achieve.

Order Your Valentine's Rose Today

Our Gold Rose is much more than just a gift; it is an experience that conveys deep love and affection and is guaranteed to have a lasting impact.

It's also the perfect gift to order in advance and pack away for the big day to avoid Valentine’s Day rush. After all, who wants to be rushing around looking for a gift when you could be spending quality time with your significant other?

You can order a 24K Rose for your very own Emily or Steven. We'll help you select just the right rose for that special someone in your life.  Order now and spoil your lover with a quality gift that will last a lifetime.

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