Wedding Gifts & Roses

It’s become traditional to offer the bride and groom a gift to recognize the symbolic importance of the day. When choosing a wedding gift, it’s good to consider your relationship to the bride and groom. This will help you in your choice.

For instance, are you friends who hang out together at BBQs? Then perhaps something they can use on such occasions like a set of BBQ cooking implements would be good. Are you family friends who stay over at their home sometimes? Then perhaps a set of beautiful monogrammed towels or linen is the way to go.

There are several other personal gift ideas that you may like. If you have a photograph of the happy couple, having this framed would be a very special idea. A beautiful artwork will be treasured forever. This could be a painting, a set of pottery, or a sculpture for their new home.

Perhaps the couple are minimalist and don’t want too many possessions. In this case, gifting them with an experience is the answer. For instance, get them tickets for a concert or a booking for a weekend away.

Many modern couples create gift registries that make the whole gift giving process easier, although a little impersonal. The buying can often be done in-store or online. Once the gift has been purchased, it’s removed from the list to prevent duplication.

A Special Story from a Customer

Daniel and Marcelle set their wedding day for June 2017. Marcelle had always wanted a daytime summer wedding with lots of flowers in the church and the hall. She chose to do all the décor in champagne and white colors, with touches of greenery. Her dress matched. It was an exquisite champagne lace and tulle creation that left her shoulders bare to suit the warmer weather. She wore a champagne-colored satin sash around her tiny waist, and the three bridesmaids matched, except that their dresses were short while hers was long, and theirs had green sashes.

The flowers were roses, lilies, and gypsophila, or baby’s breath. They were in shades of cream and white and gave the venue a delicate sweet fragrance.

Of course, the bride’s parents had been involved in helping with the wedding décor, so they knew what colors would be used. When it was time for the speeches to be made, Marcelle’s father stood up to toast his beautiful daughter. When he’d finished speaking, he bent down and retrieved a white box with gold trimming from under the table. He presented it to his daughter, and told her, in front of all the guests, how proud he was of her and how much he loved her. Marcelle opened the box and inside, nestled in a bed of lace and tulle to match her dress, were three gold-edged, champagne-colored 24K Roses from our collection.

The surprises didn’t end there. After his speech, the best man presented Marcelle with a hand-cut crystal vase to put the roses in. The vase was engraved with the couple’s names and the wedding date. The arrangement took pride of place on the table with the wedding cake for the rest of the day, and features in several of the wedding photographs. Marcelle shed a few tears and wrote to us later telling us how touched she had been by her father’s thoughtful gift.

Our Suggestion

Flowers, particularly roses, are a very powerful symbol of love and romance. Everlasting roses will make a wedding gift that will be treasured for years to come. Roses from our Eternity Collection are a perfect choice for a wedding gift.

The real roses are picked at their peak of perfection and processed with resin to preserve their natural beauty and color. The edges are then finished with 24-karat gold. Make your selection from red, blue, sky blue, pink, purple or champagne.

Gift the couple with a single perfect 24K Rose in a presentation box or put a bunch together to make up an everlasting bouquet to display in their home. Or you may also want to purchase a crystal vase as part of the gift if you like, or a glass domed display case for a single stem. What about getting them a rose in the colors of the wedding décor? Perhaps the venue will be decorated in gold and purple. In that case, a purple 24K Rose with its gold trimmed petals would be exactly right for the occasion. The gift would be a powerful reminder of their wedding day.

Order Your 24K Rose Today

Be sure to order in good time before the wedding. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with your 24K Rose, simply return it and we’ll refund your money. We also provide free shipping to the US and Canada. It couldn’t be easier to order your 24K Rose wedding gift. Contact our friendly sales team today and they’ll help you with your selection or with any questions you may have.


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